Worlds of Minecraft: The Underdark

Why build up, when you can build down? Not many multiplayer minecraft worlds have taken this statement so literally as the Underdark, a world upside down and entirely underground. The premise to this story is simple; the surface is a barren wasteland, let’s build downward where the world is still warm! Hosted and administered by Vic of Penny Arcade Forums, the Underdark is a metropolis of tunnels, caverns and complexes as the habitants try to survive in a lair several feet (or blocks) under the ground. Although the cavernous map is a man made experience using an procedural editor, the exploration and depth for creation is entirely up to the players of the server. Underdark can be a bit of a struggle to explore at first. There are at least three levels to the main cavern; the main thoroughfair of Underdark, the floating platform based lower Underdark, and the deep caverns of Uberdark. As well as this there are several offshoot areas, each with there own wonders. To the north (or indeed south, its difficult to tell without a sun) is the false surface cave, a massive complex suitably named for its glass ceiling, simulating the experience of what the world may once have looked like; grass, rolling hills and rivers of water. Beyond this magnificent sight is the ice cavern, a cave complex made entirely out of ice. Recent construction by the citizens of Underdark has added shops and houses to the land. To the other side of these caves is the sand cave, both a desert and a resource centre for the development of glass. Recently a lone sand castle has been built in this land. To the opposite end of the cavern is The Void, aptly named for being a huge cave with a near bottomless cavern. A lone man-made walkway platform directs people over this cavern, showing how brave the crafters of this world are. Finally, beyond the safer caverns is gehenna; Hell. This place is filled with mud blocks, fire and glass, a hell zone for development, not that that will stop our developers, who have already being building walkways and houses to manage the dangerous traverse. Life can be hard in the Underdark. Although the people of this world are helpful, you can unfortunately meet the occasional creeper, destructive beings who can blow up your precious works, or even kill you. Given how complicated the maze of caverns can be to traverse, death and respawn in this world can be infruiating if precious materials are lost in the dark wilderness. Playing it safe and carrying weaponry is always the best option. Once you get going – finding minerals and building your first home – exploring the Underdark can be an amazing experience. There are several cavernous areas ripe for exploring, either in front of you or under you. The world keeps going down and down. The administrator of the world, Vic, is also rather devious. Every so often he adds interesting new events to…

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