Delphic- Collections

In the three years since Delphic released their debut album Acolyte, a lot has changed in the musical landscape. Collections, their ‘difficult second album’ seems to have acknowledged all these changes and instead of adapting their evolving their original sound, they’ve taken all these elements to create a completely new sound which fails to connect on any level. Put it this way, if Acolyte felt like an underground, late-night party in Manchester; Collections feels like the middle-evening, glossy sheen of an upmarket bar in Soho. Everything that made their first album great has been lost here in favour for a polished, produced sheen that barely hides the fact that the album lacks continuity and cohesiveness. Before even the first song ‘Of the Young’ finishes it is easy to tell that Delphic have done a musical 180. Although it begins with the industrial bleeps and clatters that you would expect, they are soon hidden beneath the layers of tambourine, piano and guitar that try to turn this in to a vast soundscape. But it feels too forced, too contrite and instead comes off as an illusion of grandeur. ‘Baiya’ is a smooth R’n’B groove that is undeniably catchy, with elements that ….. Continue Reading

Delphic- Collections

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