Band of the Day: Parachute for Gordo

Last week, I covered twothirtytwo in this column, and was generally very impressed with the portrait they painted of the Aldershot music scene. Now, I’m not usually one for sequels, but as this band is another immersion into a town that boasts an increasingly promising number of upcoming bands, that’s kind of how I’m considering this piece. Parachute for Gordo are another emerging Aldershot-based act to explode into existence earlier this year. The band consider themselves a hybrid of punk-rock and post-rock, and having recently released their debut EP, Eight Minutes of Weightlessness, and it’s a fantastic look into the beginnings of a band with a lot of potential. The inaugural effort from Parachute for Gordo opens with ‘Atlanta Beaver Ruin’, a laid back instrumental piece overlayed by audio from a famous part of the 1992 UN Earth Summit that fits surprisingly well into the band’s sound. The voice of the then twelve years old Severn Suzuki is the only vocal part of the track, but the instrumental work of the band themselves is in its own way a powerful accompaniment to this, eventually taking over the track in typical post-rock noise, providing a fiery ending at the piece’s boiling ….. Continue Reading

Band of the Day: Parachute for Gordo

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