Band of the Day: JoyWride

The disco generation needs saving. There’s no real question about it, the scene that was so prominent in the past has, since the turn of the century, gained most exposure via artists like Kesha and Eurovision embarrassments Scooch. Say what you want about Kesha, but when Scooch is a go-to example of anything, its time to check your genre into intensive care. Nonetheless, one band attempting to be the defibrillator of a flatlining scene are glam pop firebrands Joywride. If the “glam pop” phrase is new to you, think dance-pop with fancier hair and tighter jeans. It’s a term, however, that Joywride are looking to take into orbit, and going on first impressions, the potential for them to do so is certainly there. If the video for ’21st Century Love’ is anything to go by, then the capital-dwelling quartet have an undeniable charisma that could see them taking up stages and radio time for years to come. The song itself, meanwhile, is awash with hooks soaring so high that passing aircraft should be on alert. Frontman Ollie Wride and guitarist Josh Dally combine superbly to give the track its airy, effervescent sound that could, with more exposure, send it skyrocketing into the ….. Continue Reading

Band of the Day: JoyWride

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