• 0% Cubic ninja »

    Publisher: ASCII | Developer: ASCII

    Genre: Puzzle | Platform: 3DS

    Summary: There’s not a whole lot to reveal about this 3DS puzzler apart from a couple of cute screens, but they’re enough to capture our interest. Given the title, you’d expect a bit of scrapping but no, this appears to be 100% 3DS puzzle game where you’ll have to guide your oddly-shaped assassin out of a trap-filled mansion. While we’re digging the art style, glancing at developers ASCII back catalogue doesn’t inspire confidence. Anyone remember Arcana Heart on PS2? That’s probably been their best to date. However, let’s not cast judgement just yet. We’ll soon be able to that as Cubic Ninja is down for a spring release on 3DS.

  • Ghost Trick »

    Publisher: Capcom | Developer: Capcom

    Genre: Puzzle | Platform: DS

    Summary: That this is the work of the brains behind the Ace Attorney games is really all you need to know. It's a puzzler where you play as an amnesiac dead guy called Sissel, and from what what we've played so far it's going to be brain-teasingly brilliant.

  • 88% Portal 2 »

    Publisher: Valve | Developer: Valve

    Genre: Puzzle | Platforms: PC, PS3

    Summary: More fiendish test chamber puzzles in the Aperture Science Enrichment Center

  • 8% 85 Super Scribblenauts »

    Developer: 5th Cell

    Genre: Puzzle | Platform: DS

    Summary: Side scrolling 'action' puzzle game based on wordskill but with no sniff of 'edutainment'

  • 29% Guilty Party »

    Publisher: Disney | Developer:  Wideload Games

    Genre: Puzzle | Platform: Wii

    Summary: Board game-style whodunnit puzzler

  • 73% Trine 2 »

    Publisher: Atlus | Developer: Frozenbyte

    Genre: Puzzle | Platform: PC

    Summary: Download only side-scrolling action puzzle/platformer

    Related games: Trine 2

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