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Publisher: SCEE | Developer: Guerrilla Games

Genre: FPS | Platform: PS3

Summary: The most hyped franchise of the PS2 era is back for its second PS3 outing. In 3D. While we all know now that a new Killzone game isn't going to be the Best Game Ever Made you do know that you're going to get a beautiful looking, solidly made FPS with a great story and plenty of thrills. Killzone 3 follows on from the end of Killzone 2 with the Helghast Empire falling apart around you and Rico as you try to get out. Expect broadly similar FPS action as Killzone 2 but developer Guerrilla Games is promising some updates for Killzone 3, including new environments (alien jungles and space battles among them), a revamped close combat melee system and a lighter tone.

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Killzone 3

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